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La Bolognese born in Cava de’ Tirreni (SA) in the beginning of the ‘70s in a small artisan pasta laboratory of Milito’s family with the target to create an high quality pasta with the taste of the artisan tradition. The patient work, the best cure in the selection of the raw materials combined with an amazing passion for our work are the secrets of the unique fragrance and taste of our pasta.

After the first years, from direct selling to the consumers, the company began to sell also to restaurants, with whom nowadays there is still the same trust.

In 1998 Milito’s family moved to Nocera Superiore (SA) in its first factory and at the same time created Orogiallo’s brand, synonym of excellence and well-known for the production of special shapes, such as Scialatielli, typical of Campania region, and after a long period of test, succeeded to make two other typical fresh pasta shapes, Paccheri and Calamarata, before produced only for dry pasta, giving to the customer the opportunity to appreciate their quality with the advantage in comparison to the dry shapes of the cooking time (about 8 minutes).

The company increased its dimension, since in 2004 has decided to move to Contursi Terme, in a modern factory with the best technologies applied to traditional methods. There every space, wide and functional, is studied to grant the respect of the health laws following the normative of   UNI EN ISO 9001:2000;  UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 ; BRC StandardsOU Kosher.

Each production phase is made in this factory: Production, Packaging, Research and Development, activities which have permitted to the company to step in the GDO and in the foreign market. La Bolognese produces also many private labels and offers a wide range of shapes.

OroGiallo is produced exclusively with selected wheat. The final product has perfect cooking time, an exceptional taste and typical colour. To preserve every organoleptic characteristics for fresh pasta, the company has customized the pasteurization process for every shape giving to our products 120 days of shelf life for fresh pasta and 60 days for “I freschissimi” and for filled pasta without the addition of preservatives or additives. The careful control of the purity of our raw materials is the “conditio sine qua non”, to preserve our quality.

 For the production of pasta OroGiallo, La Bolognese has adopted a strategy to control the entire production chain, from grain to finished product, to ensure its porosity, quality and purity.
The high technological level, the control of the phases of the production process, the choice and use of excellent raw materials, allow to offer a wide range of pasta that does not overcook, has flavor and color, is rough, is thin and has a ‘good yield in cooking.
Our pasta has a rustic, homemade, with irregular outlines its processing homemade.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 18 items