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La Molisana is an Italian food company based in Campobasso. It was founded in 1912.

La Molisana produces a range of pasta. The company exports products to about 50 countries and offers private-label production services.

La Molisana story is one of a long heritage, tradition and recent success. After recovering from a long period of decline, in 2011, the Ferro Group of Campobasso - millers since 1910, and who are well known in the milling sector - acquired La Molisana brand and has worked diligently over the last three years to grow the brand to become Italy's 5th largest national pasta brand. A combination of hard work, passion and sacrifice has helped La Molisana grow from having a 0.3% market share in February 2011 to owning a 4.5% market share in February 2014!

We have had our challenges along the way; at one point the company had many financial difficulties and the brand had virtually vanished from the market. The Ferro Group decided the company and the brand were worth the commitment, both mentally and financially. The state-of-the-art plant we have today is totally different from the one that existed a mere two years ago. Within a short 24-month period, we've invested over €12 million (approx. $16.3million US) into radically renewing our production lines, warehouses, engine rooms and packaging. Today, we have ten production lines with a capacity to produce 444 tons (888,000 lbs) of pasta per day! Additionally, we have 18 packaging lines that offer all packaging solutions and we've built an automated warehouse that is XXX square feet (and which can slot up to 33,000 pallets), creating an evolved logistics platform.

La Molisana has achieved the dream that only 10% of national companies in Italy have been able to realize - we have a fully integrated supply chain - we are able to track production from grain to table! This also gives us the ability to stay innovative in product creation. We currently offer over 100 different cuts of pasta and have a prioritary formulation for producing egg pasta. It has been a hard journey, but reviving a 100 year old brand that was once a top-seller in the marketplace has been well worth it!

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