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Poldo Service is a company specialized and care of green areas. The founder Lorenzo Polacco driven by love for nature decides enhance his knowledge of the olive tree, of its fruits and their most precious product: The Olive Oil Extra Virgin. In 2012, becomes professional olive oil taster and decides to take care of the family olive grove formerly run by his father-in-law to create finest quality oil.

ITALY: Marche Region

Regione  Marche

A story of love and respect for nature and genuine things gives birth to a product with unique characteristic , both nutritional and organoleptic: our Olio Poldo.

Through it Lorenzo wants to spread the concept of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a culture.

Oil from a simple seasoning becomes a proper food: good ally in health thanks to the high polyphenolic content and a special touch to your dishes.

Our olive grove flourish on a hilly area of Marche Region. It is composed by four varieties: Raggia, Leccino, Coratina and Pichioline and soon we will have also the Ascolana tenera, native of our Region.

Olives trees are pruned in a multi conical shape , a method that follows their natural physiology and the continues their lifecycle because the Organic remaining of pruning are grinded and added to the compost, feeding their ground.

Choose the right timing of the olive harvest is crucial in order to get the best oil taste and aroma. The harvest occurs in late Autumn. We work manually and with pneumatic combs.

Blended Oil

Blend is an olive oil made by blending several varieties of olive together. It is an ever-changing oil, it is different from a year to another according to available olive types and season variables. The result obtained is an oil with gentle tones.

Light fruity aroma, our Blended is ideal for any dish, in particular it intensifies simple dishes like vegetables, salad, white meats and steamed fish.

Mono varietal of Raggia

Medium fruity aroma with herbaceous hints. It reminds of unripe almonds. It is perfect with main courses, grilled fish, vegetable side dishes and red meat.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items